How the French guy found himself living in the beautiful Athens GA?

 Love of course! We met at a party with my wife Kate when she was studying in Paris the French Revolution History for her Ph.D.

She fell in love first with my scooter...and then with me!

When things became serious between us, I came to visit her in Athens and fell in love also with the city. Something in the air, difficult to explain but anybody who spent some time here probably understands what I mean. (Even if my English iz not ze bezt :) )

Why crepes? 

I traveled in 17 countries and the very first thing I want to do: Try the street food!! The people food, the very good and affordable one.

I was still working in a bank in Paris ( for 9 years) and thought ''hmmm if some day I can create my own business it's going to be related to street food, it's a no brainer!

I choose crepes because I looooooooove them and so I went to a very good crepe school in France (Brittany region, where they are the best) to learn this art and bring this knowledge to the USA. 

From the beginning, my goal was to create bridges between people and between cultures, and so it was very important for me to communicate that through our food and philosophy of life and business.

This is how we came up with crepes like the Barbecrepe, the Creperoni, the Crepe Dog, Ze French Elvis. 

When we are open to other cultures, respect them, love them, learn from them, the result is very often beautiful and spectacular and we try to advocate this as best as we can through our crazy crepes :)

We hope to see you soon

Have a wonderful life! 





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